After retiring from a 17-year professional soccer career, it was only natural for me to stay active throughout my first pregnancy. I was literally working out just two days before giving birth! But once I had my son, I experienced another first: I found it way more challenging than I ever imagined to get back in shape and feel fit.

This was uncharted territory for me as being extremely fit was my livelihood for my entire adult life. I underestimated how little time and motivation I would have, and moving into a new house in the suburbs meant fewer options.

I soon became pregnant again, and started searching for a great pregnancy workout video to do from the comfort of my home. I wanted an exercise routine that was safe, fun, challenging and made me feel great about myself and my changing body. I quickly learned there are very few options available for pregnant women. That's why I created Empowered Pregnancy! I want to help women feel confident, strong and honor their bodies while doing what is best for their baby.

I've teamed up with sports physiologist, Shannon Grady, who is also a former athlete and mom, to provide you with 12 empowering workouts (6 in your 2nd Trimester, 6 in your Third Trimester) that follow the guidelines of the American Congress of Obstetrician and Gynocologist.

Each easy-to-follow video is packed with every exercise you need to safely and effectively strengthen and tone your upper and lower body and your core area for less back pain and a quicker, faster delivery. We also share health tips and benefits for you and your baby for that extra inspiration.

I'm happy to report my delivery and recovery were much quicker after my second child thanks to Empowered Pregnancy. That's why I am so thrilled to share it with you. I believe you, too, can experience the same success. Congrats on your new child, and making Empowered Pregnancy part of your health and fitness routine!